Germany has been attracting the attention of students for reasonable time known for its good number of universities that are offering courses of international standards.

In addition, Germany is an exciting place for foreign students to pursue their Bachelor’s and Master’s with low tuition fees. Foreign students can stay till their study period as Germany does not have any kind of restrictions and can even choose to work for up to 90 days for each year; however they need to have good language skills in German. Students are also allowed to work for a year after their graduation providing the job must be related to their field.

Germany is taking a number of steps to boost its appeal among international students… and it’s working – new figures reveal that over 250,000 foreign students are now enrolled in German institutions.

After the US, UK, and Australia, Germany holds fourth place among the top destinations chosen by international students. However, in contrast to the above three English-speaking countries, Germany also has a high number of its own students pursuing studies abroad: the figure reached 185,500 in 2013-2014. Thus it has a far better balance of internationally mobile students matriculated at home and abroad.

Around a third of foreign students in Germany hail from Asia; And over the last few years, a considerable proportion of foreign students has come from India, Thailand, Pakistan and China. In 2013, the number of Asian students matriculated at German university came to 22,828 – with the figure still rising.