If exploration is what you’re looking for, New Zealand is the place to discover it. New Zealand is a small country and a youthful nation, with a distinctive mix of culture, natural resources and people that make it an incredible place to live.

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Tender and welcoming people will meet you at every corner as New Zealanders, often referred to as kiwis, extend their hand of welcome. You will experience all what New Zealand has to offer during your stay, from a immense and varied landscape of wide open spaces, to a gracious and relaxed way of life. Nowhere besides country as New Zealand offer so much.

Studying in New Zealand means attaining internationally recognized qualifications as you continue your academic studies in a safe and sound and secure learning environment.

New Zealand offers a warm welcome to international students, who can choose from an broad range of academic subjects.

The foundation of New Zealand’s education is on the world’s most recognized educational system – British. New Zealand offers first-class and excellent education with a ideal balance in theoretical and practical components based on work-ready training.

New Zealand has an outstanding education system and qualifications attained here are recognized as equivalent to the best in the world. At the same time there is a strong degree of lenience, which enables communities to build and function private schools along religious and cultural lines.

The qualifications of New Zealand are issued and governed by New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

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Besides above, listed below are some of the other important New Zealand Government Policies that are beneficial to International students:
 Pay full 1 year fees after PVA
 12 months work permit after successful completion of course
 Student Visas generally gets approved as compared to other countries
 Work while study
 No personal interview
 Married students – Work permit for Spouse
 Land in New Zealand 2 weeks before the course start date
 Level of Study does not matter for admission
 Further education after gaining Permanent Residency (PR)

FAQs – New Zealand

New Zealand offers a unique blend of culture, natural beauty, and a welcoming community, making it an incredible place to live and study. With internationally recognized qualifications, a safe learning environment, and a diverse range of academic subjects, studying in New Zealand provides an enriching educational experience.
Gateway Enterprises assists students in applying for a New Zealand student visa from Pakistan. Our experienced team guides applicants through the online application process, documentation requirements, and ensures a smooth visa application experience.
The fees for a New Zealand study visa application from Pakistan vary depending on the type of visa and duration of study. Gateway Enterprises provides information on current visa application fees and assists applicants in understanding the cost structure involved.
Yes, applicants from Pakistan can apply for a New Zealand study visa online through the official visa application website. Gateway Enterprises provides guidance on the online application process and ensures all necessary documentation is submitted correctly.
New Zealand's education system is based on the world's most recognized British educational system, offering a balance of theoretical and practical components. Qualifications obtained in New Zealand are recognized globally for their excellence, and students benefit from a supportive learning environment.
New Zealand offers various beneficial policies for international students, including the option to pay one year's fees after the PVA, a 12-month work permit after completing the course, the ability to work while studying, and no personal interviews for student visas.
New Zealand welcomes international students with a supportive community and offers assistance through the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). Students benefit from a range of services, including work permits for spouses, flexible admission criteria, and support for further education after gaining permanent residency.
Yes, international students in New Zealand are allowed to work while studying, providing opportunities to gain work experience and support themselves financially. Gateway Enterprises can provide information on work regulations and opportunities for students.
The validity of a New Zealand student visa from Pakistan varies depending on the type of visa and duration of study. Gateway Enterprises provides information on visa validity and assists applicants in obtaining the necessary visa for their educational pursuits.
Yes, Gateway Enterprises provides support for New Zealand immigration visas from Pakistan, including guidance on documentation, requirements, and the application process for individuals seeking to immigrate to New Zealand for various purposes.