A jewel-like island, Sri Lanka lies in the centre of the Indian Ocean between Africa and East Asia. The education system is a source of pride and Sri Lanka has much to offer international students.

Perhaps this is what drives Sri Lanka’s ambition to become the education hub of South Asia, hoping to draw thousands of students from India, Pakistan, China, Africa and beyond. The Sri Lankan government has much work hard to update their higher education facilities and re-vamp their system.

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Sri Lanka says it still aims to become an international education hub by 2020, despite signs earlier this year that the plans had stalled. With an eye on regional hubs such as Singapore and Malaysia, The Higher Education Ministry said last month it wanted to attract more foreign branch campuses and convert local universities into world class institutions.

Sri Lanka has a literacy rate of 92%. This is higher than anywhere else in Asia, and is especially high for a developing country. The enrolment rate in  public primary schools reached 99% in 2011, which also highlights the success of the Sri Lankan promotion of education.

Opening of private university has become common phenomenon in educational arena of Sri Lanka. In present context private sector is considered the key factor in the economic development. Private sector involvement is needy executed move to gain sustainable development. Human recourse is the capital for any country to gain development in social, economic and political sectors. There is less possibility to reach the development targets without promoting human resource. Therefore government universities could not pursue this endeavor themselves. Therefore there is no any harm for private sectors to involve in higher education.

FAQs – Sri Lanka

To obtain a Sri Lanka student visa from Pakistan, applicants typically need to provide proof of acceptance from a Sri Lankan educational institution, proof of financial means to cover living expenses, a valid passport, and sometimes proof of proficiency in English.
Yes, Gateway Enterprises provides comprehensive assistance for students in Pakistan who wish to apply for a Sri Lanka student visa. Our experienced team guides you through the entire application process and ensures that all necessary documents are prepared correctly.
The process for applying for a Sri Lanka study visa online may vary depending on your country of residence. Gateway Enterprises can help facilitate the online application process and ensure that all required documentation is submitted accurately and on time.
The visa fee for a Sri Lanka study visa from Pakistan may vary depending on the type of visa and the duration of stay. Gateway Enterprises can provide detailed information about visa fees and assist with payment processing as part of our visa application services.
There is typically no specific age limit for applying for a Sri Lanka student visa. However, applicants must meet the eligibility criteria set by the Sri Lankan authorities, including academic requirements and financial capability to support their studies.
Sri Lanka generally does not allow students holding a student visa to work while studying. However, there may be limited opportunities for part-time work with special permission. Gateway Enterprises can provide information about the regulations and restrictions related to student employment in Sri Lanka.
The processing time for a Sri Lanka student visa application can vary depending on various factors, including the time of year and the complexity of the application. Gateway Enterprises can provide estimated processing times and keep you updated on the status of your application.
Yes, Gateway Enterprises offers immigration visa services for individuals in Pakistan who wish to immigrate to Sri Lanka. Whether you are seeking permanent residency, family reunification, or other immigration options, our team can provide guidance and support throughout the process.
Sri Lanka offers a high-quality education system, a diverse cultural experience, and the opportunity to explore a beautiful and vibrant island nation. Gateway Enterprises can provide detailed information about the benefits of studying in Sri Lanka.
To begin your Sri Lanka student visa application process with Gateway Enterprises, simply contact us through our website or visit one of our offices. Our team will guide you through the necessary steps and provide personalized assistance to help you achieve your educational goals in Sri Lanka.