Following the foundation of the Turkish Republic, reforms were undertaken in education. Under the law for the unification of education, which was ratified in 1924, all schools were annexed to the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education was charged with the task of implementing a contemporary mode of education training for Turkish citizens by opening primary and secondary schools and other institutes and arranging courses within the framework of the educational policies decided upon. Today the Ministry also meets the requirements of these institutions in the ways of teachers and administrators and draws up the respective rules, regulations. It also arranges educational high schools for children of school age who are needy or require special care.

The goal of the Turkish national education system could be summed up as being one where all individuals of the state are gathered together as an inseparable whole, united in national consciousness and thinking, trained to think along scientific lines with intellectually broadened views on world affairs, and to be productive happy individuals, who through their skills contribute to the prosperity of society and are instrumental in making the Turkish nation a creative and distinguished member of the modern world.


The Turkish National Education System

In Turkey education is performed under the supervision and control of the state. According to the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, everyone has the right to receive education. Individuals are educated by orienting them to various high schools and schools throughout their education, depending on their interests and capabilities. It is essential that the educational system should realize this orientation. The objective of education, according to the Basic Law for National Education, is to educate individuals:

– Who adopt the values of the Turkish nation

– Who know the duties and responsibilities to their country and have made them a part of their behavior,

– Who can produce knowledge, utilize the knowledge and technology produced

– Who are democratic citizens and respect human rights

Furthermore, the objective of the National Education System also includes preparing them for the future by preparing them for a profession that will contribute to the happiness of themselves and the society.

FAQs – Turkey

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